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Scott Ott Podcast now on iTunes
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A longtime goal came to fruition this morning. Apple has begun distributing my Scott Ott Podcast through iTunes, [click that link] and the Podcast app on your iPhone.

Any device (Mac or PC) that can run iTunes [download here] can access Scott Ott Podcast.

The Google Play store offers a variety of podcast listening apps for Android. (I currently use Podcast Addict.) Once you have a podcast player app installed on your Android device, you can use this link to subscribe to Scott Ott Podcast.

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I Was the “Clock Boy” of the 1970s: Scott Ott Podcast #3

Radio Shack KitThe parents of Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohammed threaten to sue Irving, Texas, and the local school district for $15 million.  As the old country song says, “Why didn’t I think of that?” You see I, Scott Ott, was the “Clock Boy” of the 1970s. Laugh at me now, like they laughed at me then, but I guarantee somebody’s going to get the last laugh…and it won’t be me. Enjoy Scott Ott Podcast #3, featuring audio excerpts from Scott Ott Show, which streamed LIVE on YouTube, November 23, 2015.


When Politics Invades Your Family Gathering: Scott Ott Podcast #2

Thanksgiving Dinner, Neffsville, Pennsylvania
Thanksgiving Dinner, Neffsville, Pennsylvania, Nov. 1942. Photo: Marjory Collins

Here’s my pre-Thanksgiving clinic on how to handle that crazed Leftist relative who’s determined to spoil dinner, and divide your family. You can do it with love and respect, in a way the ultimately wins.

Contains audio excerpts from an episode of Scott Ott Show originally streamed live on YouTube, November 23, 2015.


Scott Ott Show, Ep. 7

Originally streamed LIVE on YouTube, November 23, 2015


  • Clock boy sues Irving, Texas and the school district.
  • SNL uses Adele to have a very Liberal Thanksgiving
  • How to keep the peace, with integrity at your family gathering.
  • President Obama’s heartfelt Thanksgiving message to all Americans.

Media Reacts to Paris Attacks: Scott Ott Podcast #1

Stade de France, Paris
Stade de France. Photo: Liondartois, May 2011

Episode #1 of Scott Ott Show Podcast features audio excerpts of my YouTube video show, originally streamed LIVE on November 19, 2015.


  • Media reacts to Paris attacks.
  • Why carry a concealed firearm.
  • Must we accept all Syrian refugees?

Scott Ott Show, Ep. 6

Originally streamed LIVE on YouTube,  November 19, 2015.


  • The aftermath of the Paris attacks, and specifically the media approach to reporting the story.
  • The downing of a university president by race-activists.
  • The best books for conservatives to read

Plus a lot of hyperactive interaction with folks in the LIVE chatroom.