Donald Trump Tells Anderson Cooper to ‘Shut Up’ 15 Times

During the CNN Wisconsin Town Hall on March 29, 2016, Donald Trump essentially tells Anderson Cooper to ‘Shut up’ 15 times (plus one) by saying “Excuse Me.” Who said Trump was rude?

Scott Ott compiled the clips, in sequence, with no repeats.

Nana B Passes Into Legend: Scott Ott Podcast #42

Funny what you remember after people pass on.  Nana B left the butter out.
Funny what you remember after people pass on. Nana B left the butter out.

Meredith died last week, but perhaps it’s more accurate to say that she passed into legend. In episode 42 of Scott Ott Podcast, I remember a woman who lived to 103, but more importantly, I treasure the values that animated Nana B.

(NOTE: As any of my loved ones will tell you, I have a poor memory, but also recall odd things most others forget. I apologize for any part of this podcast that doesn’t square with actual events or others’ recollections.)


Finland to Offer Universal Basic Income (H/T Milton Friedman): Scott Ott Podcast #41

Finland to try Universal Basic Income, a Milton Friedman idea -- on this Scott Ott Podcast
Photo: Usien

Finland is about to wipe out a bunch of social service programs for the poor, and replace them with a monthly stipend — a Universal Basic Income — for everyone. Believe it or not, Milton Friedman proposed this years ago as, essentially, a “negative income tax.” You might be surprised at my reaction to the plan in Scott Ott Podcast #41. Listen and tell me yours.

Here’s the City Journal story I reference in the podcast.


Scott Ott Show, Ep. 24: Finland Tries Universal Basic Income, Nixes Social Programs

In this episode of Scott Ott Show (#24)…
— New Finnish Model gets nanny state off the backs of the poor and guarantees everyone a basic income. Is it worth a shot?
— Amos Dudley made his own braces for $60 with a 3D printer. Cool
— Ivanpah Solar facility uses your money to make expensive electricity, and kill eagles
— Accidental text message brings unexpected visit to new parents
— Nana B passes into legend. My tribute.

Why Evangelical Christians Have Stopped the Socialist Invasion of USA…So Far: Scott Ott Podcast #40

Data crunchers at say evangelical Christianity has been a bulwark against socialism in the United States. Scott Ott explains why.
Data crunchers at say evangelical Christianity has been a bulwark against socialism in the United States. Scott Ott explains why in Scott Ott Podcast #40. [Map shows countries governed by “Democratic Socialists”, according to Socialist International.]
Blame evangelical Christians for cheating America out of the glories of socialism — that’s according to some data crunchers at And they may be right, but they don’t fully understand why. In episode 40 of Scott Ott Podcast, I layout the Biblical case against Socialism, and then pile on with the economic, environmental and “pursuit of happiness” cases…until Socialism is sprawled on the floor, a quivering mass of gelatinous failitude.

Read the article.


Punch Him in the Nose: Psychologist Tells Bullied Kids to Fight Back | Scott Ott Podcast #39

Fight back against bully, Scott Ott Podcast 39
Photo: Diego Grez

A clinical psychologist tells parents to coach their bullied kids to fight back. In episode 39 of Scott Ott Podcast, I tell my personal tale of bullying, which should send shivers up the spines of you sensitive parents.


Scott Ott Show, Ep. 23: Tell Your Kid to Punch the Bully & How Christians Form a Mighty Fortress Against Socialism

Topics in this episode…

– Clinical psychologist says kids should punch back at bullies
– “At-risk” kids learning to be gentlemen
– Uncle Sam tries to bully states into changing font on signs
– How evangelical Christians stymie socialism’s advance, and you can too.

Scott Ott: Carson Cleaves Conjoined Trump Twins, Backs One that Got All of the Brain

Ben Carson chooses cerebral Trump
Photo: Gage Skidmore

In my KLIF 570AM interview with Dave Williams and Amy Chodroff (3/14/2016), I try to make sense of Ben Carson’s endorsement of Donald Trump, Trump’s dog-whistle to his ruffians against Bernie Sanders, and Marco Rubio’s last-ditch desperate strategy.


Trump Thuggery Grabs My Former Colleague, Michelle Fields: Scott Ott Podcast #38

Michelle Fields, Scott Ott and Stephen Kruiser on PJTV's Trifecta
Stephen Kruiser and Michelle Fields sitting in for Bill Whittle and Stephen Green, joined Scott Ott on PJTV’s Trifecta back in November 2014.

We don’t know yet whether witnesses are right and Donald Trump’s campaign manager physically assaulted my former colleague, Michelle Fields, but we know what Corey Lewandowski and other Trump thugs did to an injured woman afterward. I’ve not been this angry in a long time. Within hours of recording episode #38 of Scott Ott Podcast, we learned that Fields has filed a criminal complaint. The implications for the Republican Party are profound.


Scott Ott Show, Episode 22: Trump Goon Assaults Reporter Michelle Fields

Assault on journalist Michelle Fields at Donald Trump event spawns personal attacks on Twitter by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who witnesses say, manhandled the bruised young reporter. I have worked with Michelle, and have rarely been more angry on video, nor more concerned for the future of our republic. Here’s a link to a story by Katie Pavlich that I mention during this show.