Scott Ott Podcast Now on iTunes

Scott Ott Podcast now on iTunes
Here’s what Scott Ott Podcast looks like in your iTunes browser. Subscribe for free, rate and review, if you please. Thank you.

A longtime goal came to fruition this morning. Apple has begun distributing my Scott Ott Podcast through iTunes, [click that link] and the Podcast app on your iPhone.

Any device (Mac or PC) that can run iTunes [download here] can access Scott Ott Podcast.

The Google Play store offers a variety of podcast listening apps for Android. (I currently use Podcast Addict.) Once you have a podcast player app installed on your Android device, you can use this link to subscribe to Scott Ott Podcast.

Android feed link for Scott Ott Podcast:

Scott Ott Podcast on iTunes or iOS Podcast app:

Finally, you can listen the old fashioned way in your internet browser using the audio players embedded in Scott Ott Podcast posts on