Scott Ott: Writer, Satirist, Show Host

Scott Ott: Writer, Show Host

I created a news satire site in 2002 ( that — thanks to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Glenn Reynolds, James Taranto and others — created a career for me as an author, writer and host of engaging, political, historical and humor shows for PJTV and my own YouTube channel.

PJTV went dark in May 2016. It’s a rare blessing to write and co-host more than 2,500 episodes of a single show for nearly eight years with great men like Bill Whittle and Stephen Green. We took a leap of faith, and started self-producing our three-man show (dubbed ‘Right Angle‘) the week after our last PJTV shoot. Subscriptions are growing at twice the previous rate, and members at are delighted with the new format and extra, members-only, content.

During my time with PJTV, I also created, wrote and hosted a 20-part series on the Constitution called ‘Freedom’s Charter with Scott Ott,’ created 152 episodes of a satirical newscast called ‘PJ News Break with Scott Ott,’ and more than 50 episodes of ‘Scott Ott Thought.’

Over the years, I’ve written and published four books of political satire, three of which are available at Amazon. I’ve run for local office four times and was elected county commissioner in Pennsylvania in 2011, and also served on Republican State Committee. My family now lives in McKinney, Texas, thriving on the beauty, the gracious people and the vibrant growing communities.

Last year, just for fun, I created a weekly, live-streaming talkshow, and then a podcast. I did these primarily to learn how to do it. The learning and the audience have brought me great joy.

Going forward, in addition to working with Bill and Steve at and writing for PJMedia, I’m seeking my next great adventure. Here are two collections of recent work on Trifecta — one quickie and one extended play.

Please share with anyone you think might benefit from my gifts. Prospective partners and employers can reach me @Scott_Ott on Twitter, or by email