Donald Trump Tells Anderson Cooper to ‘Shut Up’ 15 Times

During the CNN Wisconsin Town Hall on March 29, 2016, Donald Trump essentially tells Anderson Cooper to ‘Shut up’ 15 times (plus one) by saying “Excuse Me.” Who said Trump was rude?

Scott Ott compiled the clips, in sequence, with no repeats.

New Hillary Clinton Bumper Sticker Celebrates Stand on Income Inequality

Hillary Clinton bumper sticker, Goldman SachsHill

Hillary Clinton, speaking at a Democratic town hall meeting hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, said she received $675,000 for speeches to Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street finance firm, because “that’s what they offered.”

Nevertheless, she said, Goldman knows that, “I’m going to shut ’em down. I’m going after them. I’m going to jail them if they should be jailed. I’m going to break them up.”