GOP Missing Opportunity to Connect with Latinos: Scott Ott Podcast #34

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio
Photo: Michael Vadon

Despite having two Cuban-American presidential candidates — Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio — Republicans don’t seem to be doing much to reach the rapidly growing Latino population. In this episode (#34) of Scott Ott Podcast, my daughter, Grace Barron-Martinez, makes the pitch for changing the approach from talk of walls and simmering xenophobia, to genuine connection with these future voters who share many Republican values.


Scott Ott Show, Ep. 18

Progressives and populists (Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump) are connecting with millions of people around issues like student loan debt, manufacturing jobs, immigration, crony capitalism and racial justice. Do Conservatives, Republicans and other liberty-lovers have something to say about these issues? In this episode of Scott Ott Show (#18), we approach each one from a Constitutional free-market perspective in a way designed to win friends and influence people.

Best Conservative Immigration Reform Plan Evah! Scott Ott Podcast #24

Border fence Brownsville, TexasThat’s it! I’m sick of the immigration debate that’s tearing this country apart. I was going to wait until my own presidential campaign, but decided to leak this early — the best immigration reform plan EVAH! Listen and tell me whether this addresses the major concerns of all sides.

Episode #24 of Scott Ott Podcast includes audio excerpts of Scott Ott Show, originally streamed live on YouTube, January 14, 2016.