Obamacare Imperfect, Fixable

Obamacare Imperfect, Fixable: Scott Ott
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The New York Times quietly complains about the newly-announced 25% premium increases for midlevel Obamacare plans, but says the Affordable Care Act is “fixable” with one simple expedient. Scott Ott explains.

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Orlando Cries, Obama Blames Hate: Scott Ott Podcast #49

Slate succinctly summarizes Obama speech after Orlando attack.
Slate succinctly summarizes Obama speech after Orlando attack.

In the wake of the Orlando terror attack, President Obama says that hate is the problem. If that’s true, then what’s the answer? On this episode of Scott Ott Podcast (#49), we grant the Left their premises and examine the logical conclusions.


Genital-Neutral Tinklespace Moves Obama to Cut School Funds: Scott Ott Podcast #48

This is a genital-neutral restroom - Barack and Michelle Obama - Scott Ott
Photo: White House/Lawrence Jackson | Mangling: Scott Ott

The Obama Justice Department threatens to cut school funding to North Carolina in retaliation for the state legislature’s decision to restrict public Ladies’ rooms to birth-females only. (I know, it sounds bizarre to even say it.) On episode #48 of Scott Ott Podcast, I take a question from listener Cheryl Twomey and boldly go where no man, or at least no Republican dares. You want freedom from our federal overlords? Here’s how to do it.


Thanks, Obama! My Adventure with the Steampunk Warrior Princess: Scott Ott Podcast #37

Scott Ott undergoing steampunk face burn from warrior princess. “Thanks, Obama!” How many times each day do you think that phrase gets repeated in medical offices across the country. In episode 37 of Scott Ott Podcast, join me for my adventure with the steampunk warrior princess who burns things off of my face.


Obama Tears Up, Republicans Go Ballistic: Scott Ott Podcast #21

Obama tears up speaking of gun violence
New York Times, January 5, 2016

President Obama tears up talking about gun violence, and Republicans go ballistic — ridiculing him, and debunking his irrational arguments. In this episode of Scott Ott Podcast (#21), we consider the impact of Right-wing pro-gun arguments compared with the power of a president’s tears.

Episode 21 of Scott Ott Podcast includes audio excerpts drawn from Scott Ott Show which streamed live on YouTube, January 7, 2016.

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Winning the Gun Control Battle with a Weeping Obama

President Obama’s executive orders, aiming to stem gun violence, have sparked panic, anger, and insults about his weeping from the Right. But is that a winning approach? In episode #13 of Scott Ott Show we lay out a practical plan for Congress to address the president’s proposals, and a way for you to win your neighbors to the cause of liberty?

We also talk about Ted Cruz taking a stand on ethanol subsidies, and why Mindy Kaling and her ilk put white men to shame in the paycheck category.

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Why Muslim Boots Won’t Crush ISIS: Scott Ott Podcast #11

boots on the ground
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Saudia Arabia announced it formed a coalition of 34 nations to stand up to terror groups like ISIS that twist the peaceful religion of Islam into a non-stop warrior jihad. But in episode #11 of Scott Ott Podcast, we “wish upon a star” that were true, and explain why it isn’t.

This episode includes audio excerpts from Scott Ott Show, which streamed live on YouTube on December 17, 2015.


Muslim Prophesy Stops U.S. from Crushing ISIS : Scott Ott Podcast #8

Coalition airstrike against ISIS in Kobane, October 2014
Coalition airstrike on ISIS position in Kobane on 22 October 2014.

Should an apocalyptic Muslim prophesy, as President Obama suggests, restrain the United States from putting boots on the ground to defeat the Islamic State. In this episode of Scott Ott Podcast (#8), we examine our commander-in-chief’s claim that we’d simply be playing into the hands of the enemy by fulfilling the prophesy.

Scott Ott Podcast #8 includes audio excerpts from a Scott Ott Show which originally streamed live on YouTube, December 10, 2015.


Scott Ott Show, Ep. 9

Episode 9 of Scott Ott Show originally streamed live on December 10, 2015.


  • Why character counts more than confidence in choosing a president.
  • The apocalyptic Muslim prophesy that keeps President Obama from defeating ISIS.
  • The weakest gun control argument ever just appeared as the first editorial in 95 years on the front page of The New York Times.
  • Associate Justice Antonin Scalia’s common sense kindness toward Black college students labeled racism.