How to Talk to Progressives & Populists About What Really Matters: Scott Ott Podcast #30

Donald Trump with Bernie Sanders, Scott Ott Show on Populism and Progressivism
Original Photos: Gage Skidmore

Populism and Progressivism sweeps the land, as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders give voice to the heart’s cry of so many Americans. Do liberty-lovers, Conservatives, Constitutionalists — even Republicans — have anything useful to say to these folks on the topics of student loan debt, manufacturing jobs, crony capitalism, racial injustice and immigration? Listen to Scott Ott Podcast #30 to learn a basic formula for addressing these concerns.


Scott Ott Show, Ep. 18

Progressives and populists (Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump) are connecting with millions of people around issues like student loan debt, manufacturing jobs, immigration, crony capitalism and racial justice. Do Conservatives, Republicans and other liberty-lovers have something to say about these issues? In this episode of Scott Ott Show (#18), we approach each one from a Constitutional free-market perspective in a way designed to win friends and influence people.