Keep Calm and Brexit On: Scott Ott on KLIF-570AM

BrexitWhat’s the antidote to the panic fostered by the media over Great Britain’s looming departure from the European Union? Conservative leadership. Scott Ott explains why during this segment with Dave Williams on KLIF-570AM in Dallas (6/27/2016). Dave and Scott also dig into the latest Trump-Clinton poll numbers, and react to Republican thought-leader George Will’s announcement that he’s quit the GOP.


Best Conservative Immigration Reform Plan Evah! Scott Ott Podcast #24

Border fence Brownsville, TexasThat’s it! I’m sick of the immigration debate that’s tearing this country apart. I was going to wait until my own presidential campaign, but decided to leak this early — the best immigration reform plan EVAH! Listen and tell me whether this addresses the major concerns of all sides.

Episode #24 of Scott Ott Podcast includes audio excerpts of Scott Ott Show, originally streamed live on YouTube, January 14, 2016.